Fitness Tips for Singers and Actors

Fitness Tips for Singers and Actors

Staying in exceptional physical shape is not always about vanity. For singers and actors, it is a professional necessity. While time may be a precious commodity for people in these professions, they need to be able to sacrifice at least 30 minutes each day in order to stay in shape.

Exercise increases cardiovascular strength and the stamina of the breath, which improves singing. Sweating also stimulates endorphins and strengthens muscle tone. Sports can aid in a singer’s ability to sing higher, more energetically, clearer, with less strain, and with increased emotion. With the right kind of exercise, singers and actors will feel relaxed, invigorated, and capable of facing any pressures of performing.

Protect Yourself in the Cold and Heat

When exercising outdoors, singers and actors should protect their voices by avoiding exercising in cold climates the day of a performance. The cold air will dry out the throat and lungs, leading to a raspy voice. In dry climates, whether it is winter or summer, it is important for singers and actors to drink an extra 2 cups of water each day to keep their vocal cords moisturized.

Actors and singers should both avoid intense exercise outside when it is hot. The heat will dehydrate the voice. Also, running on roads that have steady traffic is harmful for the vocal cords. If one must run on urban streets, it is best to wait until the car pollution is at it’s lowest, which is in the morning or during sundown.


Swimming is great for the endurance of singers and actors. It conditions both the heart and the lungs, tightens the stomach, elongates the back, strengthens rib muscles, and most importantly, it increases the capacity of one’s breath.  Prior to a performance, a moderate 30-minute swim can also work to settle nerves, pump up the lungs, and increase endorphins. You can use fitness watches , like the applewatchsport, to keep track of your calories, distance, calories burned etc.

Martial Arts and Yoga

Martial arts and Yoga both work to tune one’s focus and help decrease stage anxiety. These exercises also benefit posture, breath control, alignment, power confidence, and energy. Yoga helps to develop additional strength, breath coordination, balance, mental clarity, as well as concentration and relaxation.

The most important thing for actors and singers to remember while exercising is to avoid anything that may cause them harm. Breathing too heavy or breathing in low quality air can injure the vocal cords and strain the voice to the point that their career in acting or singing may be impacted.